ULTRA TORQUE parts are designed to lower the cost of building starters without jeopardizing performance or life.  ULTRA TORQUE supplies

quality high-performance  starters & parts that you can depend on.


Overhaul Kits for Starters

ULTRA TORQUE overhaul kits include precision parts, seals, bearings, gaskets and O-rings.


Overhaul Kits Include 

  • Specialty Lip Seals

  • Bearing Spacers

  • All High Grade-High Speed Bearings 

  • O-Rings, Keys, Bolts, Screws, Washers

  • And other Specialty Turbine Parts

 Overhaul Kit Features

  •  Complete kit includes comprehensive factory  specified items.

  •  Precision bearings, O-rings, seals, spacers & other critical parts

  •  Factory brand specific bearings and critical hi-temp grease.

  •  Highest quality alloys in precision parts.



MASCO & Other Manufacturers

ULTRA TORQUE replacement parts from MASCO are manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards. Turbine starters require an accurate balance of components with precise specifications functioning together

to deliver high performance.


  • Turbine Rotors: Stage 1 & Stage 2

  • Nozzles: 06, 09, 12, 15, 21

  • Containment Nozzles

  • Turbine Shafts

  • Turbine Housings

  • Transmissions, Gear Cases & Planetary Gear Assemblies

  • Drives, Drive Pinions & Drive Housings

  • Exhaust Guards and Fixtures