Why Choose Ultra Torque?

Containment Nozzle

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Containment Nozzle Is Universal and Can Be Used In a CW or CCW Orientation. It Will Accept Virtually All Exhaust Housings Ultra Torque Nozzle Is Never Casted, We Only Use the highest quality extrusions.

Planetary System

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Planetary System

Reliable Planetary System Uses A Pre-Lubed Sealed Ball Bearing.The Planetary Shaft Is Press Fit Into The Planetary Frame, Which Makes A Precise Planetary System Reducing Gear Chatter

Drive End Housing

Motor Housing

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Large Base for the Stage 1 Nozzle to Sit Flush. Increased Number of Threaded Mounting Holes To Increase The Overall Life Of The Part.​

Stage 1 Nozzle

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Planetary System

Stage 1 Nozzles are Balanced To Reduce Side Load Stress & Improve Bearing Life.

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Planetary System

Our Drive Housing's Are Manufactured Using High Precision Extrusions.