Lubricators                 Description      

1/2″ LUB                        Lubricator

1″ LUB                           Lubricator

1-1/2″ LUB                     Lubricator

2″ LUB(2 GAL)             Lubricator

5055-54                           Red Dome Assy.(Micro-Fog For A/S More Than 2 Ft. Away)

5055-55                           Green Dome Assy.(Oil Drip For A/S Within 2 Ft.)

3435-17                           Tube

5318-89                           Fitting

2386-04                           Ball

2306-53L17                     O-ring


1″ FIL                              Filter F17-800-M3DA

1-1/2″ FIL                       Filter F17-B00-M3DA

  Relay Valves

UT-100                          1 Inch

UT-125                          1-1/4 Inch

UT-150                          1-1/2 Inch

  Relay Valve Repair Kits

UT 6900-05                 1″ Complete Kit

UT-69-5                       1″ Repair Kit

UT-109-5                     1-1/4″ & 1-1/2″Repair Kit

  Push Button

UT-618                          1/2″ Diameter Push Button

Air use only, SMB-618/Gas Operation

UT-619                          7/16″ Diameter Push Button

  Ball Valves

UT1-D                          Ball Valve

UT1                              1/4DBall Valve

UT1                              1/2D Ball Valve

UT2                              2″ Ball Valve


UT-1S                           1″

UT-1 1/4S                     1-1/4″

UT-1 1/2S                     1-1/2″

UT-2S                            2″

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